Publisher: Atlantic Monthly Press

Publication Date: 09-10-06

ISBN: 9780802143266

Anzio: The Friction of War – Italy and the Battle for Rome, 1944

Praise for Anzio:

Alex Kershaw
‘Lloyd Clark’s lucid, elegantly written book is well overdue. Long neglected, the, the Allies’ war in Italy, particularly the set-backs at Anzio, deserve to be re-examined without prejudice. Clark has succeeded in producing a fast, enjoyable narrative that undermines several myths and sets the record straight. Absolutely first class.’

Literary Review
‘Anzio veterans will be grateful for such a balanced, sensitive account and assessment’

Professor Gary Sheffield in The Birmingham Post
‘This is a beautifully written history, a masterly intertwining of perspectives from the War Cabinet to the trenches, which will deservedly take its place on bookshelves alongside the works of Anthony Beevor and Max Hastings.’

The Washington Post
‘Masterly . . . a heartbreaking, beautifully told story of wasted sacrifice… Richly detailed and fuelled by extensive archival research of newspapers, letters, and diaries as well as scores of original interviews with surviving soldiers on both sides of the trenches Anzio is a harrowing and incisive true story by one of today’s finest military historians.’

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