Publisher: Atlantic

Publication Date: 01-09-16

ISBN: 9780857897329

Blitzkrieg: Myth, Reality and Hitler’s Lightning War – France 1940

Praise for Blitzkrieg:


Review in BBC History Magazine by Prof Ashley Jackson
‘It is a riddle that has fascinated historians: how did Germany sweep the European board so easily in 1940?…Writing with authority and clarity, Lloyd Clark contends that it was the application of technology to abiding military good practice that allowed Germany to win so overwhelmingly…This is a compelling and fresh retelling of one of the century’s most intriguing and significant campaigns.’

Andrew Roberts
‘This genuinely revisionist account of the Battle of France in 1940 proves a deeply shocking fact we are essentially still in thrall to the view of Blitzkrieg tactics that Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels wanted us to have, even over three-quarters of a century later. Lloyd Clark s brilliant analysis proves that Fall Gelb wasn’t all about unstoppable, superior panzers and Stukas, but was in fact an audacious, highly risky infantry-based plan that could have gone badly wrong given a different Allied mindset.’

Kirkus Reviews
‘A masterly account teeming with vivid personalities and the usual mixture of heroism, incompetence, and luck . . . Clark provides plenty of juicy details and a mildly controversial reinterpretation.’

Robert Kershaw
‘Lloyd Clark has written a lucid, intelligent and thought provoking re-appraisal . . . His ground breaking detailed research will make it the seminal work on the fall of France in 1940. The story of the break-through unfolds at a fascinating and cracking pace . . .Blitzkrieg is a remarkable book.’

Michael Jones
‘A breakthrough book, bringing the drama of Hitler s May 1940 offensive in France vividly to life alongside a major re-appraisal of the campaign s significance. Excellent.’


The German campaign in France during the summer of 1940 was pivotal to Hitler’s ambitions and fundamentally affected the course of the Second World War. Having squabbled about fighting methods right up to the start of the campaign, the German forces provided the Führer with a swift, efficient and decisive military victory over the Allied forces.  In achieving in just six weeks what their fathers had failed to accomplish during the four years of the First World War, Germany altered the balance of power in Europe at a stroke. Yet the campaign was far from a foregone conclusion. ‘Blitzkrieg’ tells the story of the campaign, while highlighting the key technologies, decisions and events that led to German success, and details the mistakes, good fortune and chronic weaknesses in their planning process and approach to war fighting. There are also portraits of the officers who played key roles, including Heinz Guderian, Ewin Rommel, Kurt Student, Charles de Gaulle and Bernard Montgomery.  ‘Blitzkrieg’ argues that far from being undefeatable, the France 1940 campaign revealed Germany and its armed forces to be highly vulnerable – a fact dismissed by Hitler as he began to plan for his invasion of the Soviet Union – and offers a comprehensive reassessment of the myths that have built up around one of the Second World War’s greatest military victories.

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